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In this animated prequel to the Van Helsing movie, Van Helsing travels to London to deal with the mischievous Dr. Jekyll.
Caution, this comment may have spoilers to the film and referenced films. I&#39;ve seen the two films based on Alan Moore&#39;s works, &quot;From Hell&quot; and &quot;LXG&quot;, &quot;Van Helsing: The London Assignment&quot; is somewhat a combination of both. In the dark streets of London, someone murders these women by cutting their throats with a surgeon knife. Van Helsing is sent to catch the killer, a monster and someone skilled in medicine. Turns out the killer is the royal family&#39;s physician. The plot runs too close to the Jack the Ripper mystery in &quot;From Hell&quot; mixed with a hulk-like Mr. Hyde causing mayhem like in &quot;LXG&quot;.<br/><br/>Another reference to Alan Moore&#39;s &quot;League of Extraordinary Gentlemen&quot; is that Carl disguises as a woman to draw out Hyde, which is similar to Mina Murray passing herself off as a prostitute in the comic books. The plot just seems like a spoof of Moore&#39;s work.<br/><br/>With the characters, I love the relationship between Van Helsing and Carl. I thought Carl was quite funny, although I much prefer David Wenham as Faramir. I&#39;m not pleased about Jekyll and Hyde, the screenwriters had made these classic literary figures much more demented than the &quot;LXG&quot; version of the characters. It&#39;s also quite odd that &quot;From Hell&quot; star Robbie Coltrane voices Hyde, at least he did not imitate Jason Flemyng&#39;s Hyde voice. Dr. Jekyll was along the lines of mad scientist, in the original novel, he was haunted by guilt from Hyde&#39;s horrible deeds which led to suicide.<br/><br/>The animation was well done I admit. Lots of action and such, but parts such as zombies coming from the lava was kinda weird. 3/5 stars.
I have seen &quot;The London assignment&quot; and it is a pretty good movie but i think that it is too short. if they worked out the story just a little bit more and took out some of the action (not that i hate action in a movie, but because the movie would been better if the story was more developed).<br/><br/>For the rest this movie rocked, and is a very good prequel to &quot;Van Helsing&quot;.<br/><br/>There are also a few anachronisms between the to movies: like Van Helsing already has the gass-powered crossbow in &quot;The London assignment&quot; but in &quot;Van Helsing&quot; he still got to get it.<br/><br/>But I would give this movie a big thumbs up.

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