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A computer game character takes on physical form to destroy a player who nearly beat him but quit the game in between.
The story isn&#39;t something that&#39;s totally unique, given many easily identifiable references from various science fiction films already done in the last five years or so, although in some ways most of these films all share common themes and attributes such as heroism, family relationships and the likes. But there were elements that are too close for comfort with what&#39;s already out there, and that takes some shine off being something original. For instance, James Cameron&#39;s Terminator 2: Judgment Day was almost like the guiding light for the emotional centre of the story, with an evil being capable of shape shifting making it its mission objective to go after and eliminate the boy, who is being protected by a weaker version of the digital lifeform programmed for good. And of course there&#39;s the mom character (Kareena Kapoor as Sonia) who together form a dysfunctional family nucleus, except that she&#39;s not packing any serious muscle, trading mean attitude for more feminine moves on the dance floor.<br/><br/>Then with the recent release of Real Steel, the father-son story arc cannot be more pronounced, and incorporating elements from Gamer, you have avatar control built into this universe complete with the necessity to play out a deadly game, now transpired into the real world. Then when RA.One and G.One got introduced by Shekhar, they each come with a HART device that Tony Stark will probably send his lawyers to order a stop to the manufacture of the full bodied console game for a breach of intellectual property. Elements from The Matrix trilogy provided inspiration for sentient programs in the virtual world aspiring and eventually making it to the real world, but without the deep philosophical leanings, and formed the initial look and feel for the villainous RA.One when Tom Wu took on the role in the beginning (rumoured that Jackie Chan rejected this, and hence the running joke in the movie) complete with shades and black trench coat, before Arjun Rampal took over for the second half.<br/><br/>What&#39;s unique though is the creation of the names of the digital characters for the film, and having it named after the villain instead, since Shekhar&#39;s son Prateek, aka Lucifer as his online handle, made no hesitation in telling his clumsy, nerdy father that villains are cool and heroes are so passe, that in an effort to reconnect with his son, Shekhar readily convinces his development team to create a villainous character the world has yet to see, and incorporating Indian mythology into it, such as RA.One sounding very much like Raavan (with its 10 heads a metaphor for the identities he can readily adopt and use), while the good guy equivalent becomes G.One, or Jeevan, meaning Life, and made in the likeness of its creator.<br/><br/>Which of course is what forms a heavy dramatic aspect of the story in establishing the father- son, or husband-wife arc when G.One takes it upon its programming to protect Prateek and his mom by extension when RA.One enters the real world to hunt him down and to complete their unfinished business in the online arena. This provides for plenty of emotional wrangling since G.One may look like Shekhar, but possesses none of the mannerisms nor the bad curly hair but blessed with flawless synthetic skin (ok, I wonder how much of the budget went into this facial), so much so that it provided opportunity for an extended song routine which had licensed Ben E. King&#39;s Stand By Me to hammer it all in. Shah Rukh Khan plays two roles here which is probably reminiscent of Endhiran, the Rajnikanth blockbuster which was billed as the most expensive Indian film until this one came along, both as the creator and the product, although the innocence of G.One was more similar to SRK&#39;s portrayal in My Name is Khan.<br/><br/>Comparisons with Endhiran are inevitable, from certain scenes such as major fisticuffs involving the girl telling the robotic being to renounce violence, and an action sequence involving an unstoppable train which did look more like a summary of Unstoppable instead. Then there&#39;s the child like, innocent nature of G.One that makes it quite like Chitti, but I guess to ensure some peace was made before the film was released, this film had the Superstar reprise his now famous role once more in a cameo that overtly acknowledges unabashedly just who is the number one superhero in India. And frankly, Chitti here doesn&#39;t do much other than to appear and show who&#39;s boss, and the minute he appears, the audience just goes wild, which I&#39;m sure this rapturous response will be replicated elsewhere as well.<br/><br/>So familiarity aside, RA.One still contains some nifty action spruced up by visual effects, although it&#39;s average at best for its story given that major ring of familiarity to it, padded like any other Masala offering with cheeky moments, slapstick, and all round promoter of good family values no matter how jarring those well meaning messages may come across. It&#39;s not the blockbuster I would have expected in its lack of sophistication in story telling, but no doubt it will ride on the strength of its marketing blitz and SRK&#39;s star status to ensure that fans still turn up in droves for its opening weekend.
The much awaited Ra.One is more like an uplifted version of the Shankar&#39;s Robot, which is still fresh in memories.<br/><br/>Shekar (Sharukh Khan) is the naive father of Prateik (Armaan Verma) who works in Baron Industries&#39; gaming department. He wants to create a game for his son in which the villain would be stronger than the hero as his son wanted. The game is all ready and Prateik plays it but stops it in the middle but lo! The game refuses to stop. Shekar also tries to stop in vain. Instead, the villain of the game, Ra.One comes out of the game into the real world to kill Prateik. Twist in the story – Ra.One doesn&#39;t know who Prateik is, as he played the game with the pseudo name – Lucifer. Ra.One haunts Prateik and Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) to India in search of Lucifer and who comes to save them? Sharukh once again as G.One.<br/><br/>Firstly, the screenplay is filled with infinite loopholes. Artificial intelligence is an important element of present-day games but will someone induce so much of artificial intelligence into a screen character so as to make him a real human? The character of Ra.One knows what trains are, can recognize humans, understands emotions, etc. And G.one is a step ahead; he can learn things on his own, steal clothes and even watch and understand movies and many more. C&#39;mon, why will a developer give all this characteristics to an on-screen fighting game character?<br/><br/>The screenplay is hazy. Why things happen? You don&#39;t know but they just happen. Probably the four screenwriters imagined certain sequences and later joined them somehow or the other to make the film. As soon as the characters G.One and Ra.One are out of the game into the real world, all the characters (except Kareena to an extent) accept it instantaneously! Ra.One takes different faces now and then and goes on killing everybody but finally when he has caught hold of Prateik, he doesn&#39;t kill him! Ra.One is first Tom Wu and then Arjun Rampal (in an extended special appearance) but G.One&#39;s always Sharukh. <br/><br/>Above all, our damsel, Chammak Challo dances to her heart in the song and after that runs away into a local train which speeds off towards Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus without stopping anywhere to kill herself as Ra.One wants to kill her (Why? Don&#39;t know). Was I watching RGV&#39;s Bhoot which had the same idea? And G.One is unable to stop the train at any cost but as soon as he and the train hit a vehicle, they stop. Why? – Lord Ganesh is on the vehicle!<br/><br/>The final sequence takes place in a building and two levels of fighting – nobody wins. The third level suddenly takes place in the fictional location depicted in the game. Are we in the real world or in the game? If in the game, how did Prateik get into it and how did he come out of it later? Not explained.<br/><br/>And the ending shows G.One coming out of the game once again, was that scene necessary. Are the makers planning for a sequel? (Better not!)<br/><br/>Ra.One defies all logic, whatsoever. And if you get involved into the film, there are chances you may lose your thinking power and ability to reason. And if the makers think we have forgotten Robot, they are completely mistaken. All the scenes we witnessed in it, inter alia, car chasing, hero saving heroines from the rowdies, pulling away the metal weapons, running on the local train&#39;s sides by jumping over the electric poles to save the heroine are repeated in this one. <br/><br/>Neither the production design nor the cinematography is up to the mark. On one hand, the film takes Indian Cinema to a new level (with the graphics and all) and on the other hand, the presentation is ages old. Cinematography is plain ordinary and this is not what I expected. None of the actors get scope to act but its Kareena who sizzles. You cannot take your eyes off her when she is on screen. Vishal-Shekar are given a big opportunity and they prove themselves as the best Music directors in Bollywood. Their musical score &amp; background score are outstanding and the only impressive thing in the film. But the old songs used don&#39;t fit in the right place.<br/><br/>Is the film for children? Not at all. There is a continual reference to sexual positions, copulation, condoms, etc. Kicking on the private parts and their sizes along with words like &#39;kickass&#39; and &#39;fuck&#39; form the cheap, forced humor in the film. The dance moves in &#39;Criminal&#39; song are deliberately uncouth. And let me tell you, the Chammak Challo track with Kareena dressed in the transparent saree whose veil was missing and the rest dancers dressed in bikini with a traditional tint was actually Prateik&#39;s birthday party song in the movie. There is crude reference to homosexuality twice and for all this, the film gets a U certificate from the CBFC. I totally disagree with that.<br/><br/>This is not a Sharukh film in any way. If you expect the Sharukh you saw in Kal Ho Naa Ho, Main Hoon Na, Veer Zaara or even Om Shanti Om and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, then stay miles away from this film. If you expect the screenplay to be good like Krrish and Robot, you may stay away as well.<br/><br/>Makers have played many gimmicks to attract the public - Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra in special appearances, Arjun Rampal in an extended special appearance credited along with others and Rajnikant to do nothing in a scene and finally, Amitab Bacchan (credited as Shehenshah AB) lends voice for the trailer of the game in the film. Ra.One is big disappointment.
This wildly entertaining Bollywood action-comedy, with Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan in two roles, pays homage to such '90s flicks as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "The Matrix," adding whimsy and loads of heart.
Yes, the soundtrack has two tracks by Akon, Chammak Chhallo &amp; Criminal. Both have been composed by Vishal Shekhar. Although the Ra.One Album features various versions of both the songs. Both the song will also feature in the movie. Yes, the latest TV spots &amp; trailers shows &quot;Also in 3D&quot;…. so it has been officially announced now. ~~UPDATE~~ Yes, it will be in 3D &amp; will be released simultaneously on October 26th Worldwide.
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